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The Scrapyard

After falling out of a chute, C-23 lands in the wide-open scrapyard. The scrapyard is where the piles of unprocessed trash lay, waiting for sorting, crushing, recycling, and/or melting. My task here was to create a set of rusted metal walls that could be used throughout the scrapyard as well as various scrapyard clutter. I created them in such a way that both sides of the walls had different textures on them to help decrease repetition.

The above image shows the basic set of small scrapyard pieces that I developed from start to finish.

Additional Textures

This image shows additional textures I created during the development of Scrapped. The models were initially created by another artist on the team, after which I worked within those files to adjust the models and unwraps, create normal maps, and texture the models for use in game.


Billboards in the world of Scrapped serve as story-telling devices thoughout the world. These non-verbal maps subtly show the player the progress they have made through the scrapyard.


Other billboards show advertisements from the world that was before everything was thrown out into the scrapyard. 

Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2

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